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My OC/AU Inspiration Meme (Gadgette Sprockettes) :iconstaryblaze:StaryBlaze 4 0 My OC/AU Inspiration Meme (Starlight Blaze) :iconstaryblaze:StaryBlaze 5 0 Unicorn-Cat and Unicorn Frappuccino :iconstaryblaze:StaryBlaze 5 2 I finally have it! :iconstaryblaze:StaryBlaze 1 0 Can I Take It Off Now? :iconstaryblaze:StaryBlaze 3 9 Omfg :iconstaryblaze:StaryBlaze 4 2 Starlight in Her Normal Attire :iconstaryblaze:StaryBlaze 3 2 Neko Hero Starlight: Cutscene Concept Art :iconstaryblaze:StaryBlaze 4 0 HTF Fan Art :iconstaryblaze:StaryBlaze 5 4 FNaF Movie!? :iconstaryblaze:StaryBlaze 2 3 AT Colossus :iconstaryblaze:StaryBlaze 3 3 Nightshade :iconstaryblaze:StaryBlaze 2 0 Singer Gadgette :iconstaryblaze:StaryBlaze 3 35 CONTROLLERS The City is Slamming :iconstaryblaze:StaryBlaze 4 2 (SHITPOST) Trump and the Ink Machine :iconstaryblaze:StaryBlaze 10 5 Five Nights at Fazbear's World Teaser 3 :iconstaryblaze:StaryBlaze 3 0
None of my characters are final yet. Some may change drastically, some may be trashed. If you are upset by that, just remember what I had written here.

If I do get rid of or change characters, it's to either improve the character/story or change it/rid it to a point where I feel satisfied.


Rip Ya A New One :iconphantomthepencil:phantomthepencil 30 3 Im BAcK :iconmaeven3:maeven3 9 10 The Gang (and Germ) :iconsupercoco142:Supercoco142 69 11 BA-BLAM!!!! :iconsupercoco142:Supercoco142 41 6 Cutie Pie :iconcandi-kii:Candi-Kii 9 4 Legit Has No Good Ideas For Titles Rn [GIFT] :iconq00pz:q00pz 10 1 Kraze Ref :iconimkraze:ImKraze 12 5 Mothcat ID - Yoshi :iconcandi-kii:Candi-Kii 2 0 Mae Borowski :iconsomiless:Somiless 30 4 Mae as Bea :iconghostgirlcuteoc:Ghostgirlcuteoc 24 6 I fucking tried :iconq00pz:q00pz 18 13 Your my Teddy bear .:Requested:. (funtime fraby) :iconpegasisvixen7950:PegasisVixen7950 22 9 Sunset :iconkenjikanzaki05:KenjiKanzaki05 62 8 Crimes! :iconstarmations:Starmations 18 5 London Bridge is... :iconpegasisvixen7950:PegasisVixen7950 13 0
Hey so I have a Tumblr andstuff
Still filling it up with stuff but YO check it out!
:iconscrubsandwich:ScrubSandwich 1 2
I only fave stuff that is G to PG-13 content. Everything that has excessive amounts of blood, and nudity for non artistic purposes (Fan-service or to be cool and edgy) will not be faved! Swearing though is allowed

I want this to be an accessible to all people


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Nicky or Nicole (You can choose)
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Male (you can use female pronouns though)/18/Autistic/ Pastel + Sparkly Bisexual flag by NummyPixels

MS Paint Stamp 3 by flying-wolf-32 MS Paint 'Haters Gonna' Stamp by Aroihkin MS Paint User Stamp by KishiFishy

have OCs, but no storywriting skills by Colliequest ''UR ART SUKZ SO I'LL ADD IT 2 MEH HATE FOLDER!'' by Mintaka-TK It's their art STAMP by OpinionatedGhost



Ask me anything! (No insulting questions though)

Anyone who wants to insult, here's to you pal:

I know my art is shit, but please respect it, if you hate it then don't look at it, as simple as that! Unless you plan on constructively criticizing my art which is totally okay with me. I'm talking more or less like "DURR YOUR ART SUKKZORZ KILL URSELF"

If you want to harass/insult any of my fellow watchers/friends, as simple as it seems, your'e fucked.

I created Defenders of Harmony Stamp by StaryBlaze, Shet Stamp (US Version) by SkylarWatson (with my brother)


I won't vote for... by StaryBlaze A person's sex does not matter in politics. by Jewel-M NLM by propertyofkat [STAMP] I Stand With JonTron by CvntBoi-Necromancer BAWWWW YOU ARE GROUNDED!!! by Yoshi1337 Please don't. by glovannas Pedophiles Are Not Welcome Stamp by AdaleighFaith DO NOT. by AnScathMarcach

Mature Content

Say No to Pedophilia by Ghostwalker2061
(which is "Minor Attracted Person" which is the PC way of saying pedophile) Stereotypes mean nothing.*STAMP* by glovannas Screaming 'Privilege' Doesn't Change That by DontNeedFeminism Enough is Enough STAMP by OpinionatedGhost Being rude stamp by CheerfulPerson Popularity by TheArtOfNotLikingYou It's generally disrespectful, too. by pastel-birbs respect my personal space please by Iowrie (I like my personal space, thank you very much, I only let very few people hug me) I really don't. by Iowrie Artists Are Not Your Slaves by AnScathMarcach

Anti HTF Stamp by 098890098 Anti HTF Stamp by 098890098 Anti HTF Stamp by 098890098 Anti HTF Stamp by 098890098 Anti HTF Stamp by 098890098 Anti HTF Stamp by 098890098

About me:
Autism Stamp by jocund-slumber Before You Ask by jocund-slumber I'm Bisexual and Proud stamp by Twilight-Witch this is me by Dametora Men can also be Bisexual by pacoelaguadillano Depression Stamp by sound-ninja-2008 It's just not that easy... by StaryBlaze Emotional by paramoreSUCKS What did I just dream stamp by Toxic-Mario yaoi stamp by Morbia yuri stamp by Morbia Stamp: Respect by Riza-Izumi Mental Disorders... by snakeandladders dev stamp by pukingpastilles Nihilist by Hitmontop

Proud Furry Stamp :3 by WolvenFlames Proud Furry Stamp by LycanDID Anthro Stamp by evilempress Love furry art stamp 2 by HavickArt Fursuit Love Stamp by smileystamps StarFox 64 Stamp by Teeter-Echidna Ratchet and Clank Stamp by nakashimariku Kirby Powers Stamp by nakashimariku Jekyll and Hyde Musical STAMP by lonewined Proud Cat Fan Stamp by ami2414 GTA V Stamp by horses27 Metroid Stamp by phazonwarrior Filthy frank stamp by shinsekii Felinia Stamp by Rainy-bleu Cyborg Kuro-chan stamp by MelanieTheBobcat Five Nights at Freddy's Stamp by Viper1999 I love fnaf regardless of what others say stamp by Stamp3Maker Fan of FNAC - Stamp by OfficialDwayne NITW Stamp by LeoZane

Characters I like:
.:Ratchet and Clank stamp 1:. by dannyphantom300 Angela Cross stamp by UnassumingLocalLady Kirby Face Stamp by VampireJaku kssu~ marx stamp by Storyshift--Chara Show By Rock!! - Cyan Stamp by fifthghoul Shu by Grotesse Riku by Grotesse Filthy Frank stamp by srslyyy Pink Guy Stamp by shinsekii Blaze Stamp by Rainy-bleu Alex Stamp by Rainy-bleu Shadow Bonnie Stamp by Scurryy Springtrap - Stamp (FNAF3) by AngelOfTheWisp The Little Boy - FNAF4 Stamp by AngelOfTheWisp Funtime Foxy ~ stamp by Laukku2000 Mae Borowski stamp by Stamp-Master Gregg stamp by Stamp-Master

Fandoms I used to be in:
Brony- stamp by BlizzyKai

Fandoms I will never go in:
Steven Universe Stamp by MarcosPower1996 HTF STAMP by musiloka


Antimoz Fan Button by AntimozWolf

Life in a nutshell:

Twin Brother: :iconskylarwatson:

Absolute best friends: :iconmechalozlas: :iconshanniekitty: :iconultrarobo:

Besties: :iconfnaffanitsme: :iconpegasisvixen7950:

Homies: :iconmaaya2310: :icondje202:

Awesome Artists: :iconshanniekitty: :iconmaaya2310: :icondigital-puppet: :iconsarey-raccoon: :iconack2011: :iconcelesse: :iconknightatnights: ::iconbanami-luv: :iconskittatle: :iconcocowalnut: :iconjordie-bun: :iconantimozwolf: :iconfinest-darkastle: :iconpegasisvixen7950:

Inspirations: :iconflamingorich: :iconcelesse::iconscrubsandwich: :iconrainy-bleu: :iconchurchcrusade:

If I seem like a hater/jerk/troll

Well, just notice this, I kinda get annoyed/stressed easily, so please, try to understand, and I will be nice to you when you do so, otherwise this is what will happen to you. And about that, sometimes being mean in life is truly the way to go, but don't do it constantly or do it to a point where it could drive someone to suicide, I try not to do that.

If I blocked you for a reason.
Well, I can say this, it's either that you've either insulted me or annoyed me. I'm a very sensitive person as you can see, so if you cry to me "Y DED U BLOCK MEH?!?!?!" Read this and you'll know...


 Nocturne by StaryBlaze


Newnocturne by StaryBlaze
I got rid of the Gamejolt page for Fazbear's World.

Well, simply put, I thought that first night was a chore to make, and to be honest. I kind of deserved the hate that it was getting because even I hated it as well, it was super boring and repetitive. So, unless if anyone is skilled with Game Maker, it's safe to say that Fazbear's World is gone.

Sorry for the inconvenience
Apparently, there is war going on with the ratings with Fazbear's World, I really don't think I should keep it around.
Okay, so only negative reviews so far for FNaFazbear's World so far. Very uplifting way to start the day!

However, the Floor 1 demo is out:…
 Nocturne by StaryBlaze


Newnocturne by StaryBlaze



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